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MUX Global MU Online - is a free server of the classic MMO game MU Online with a huge number of new features and unique gaming atmosphere on the unique assembly of Arkania Universe. We used for a basis a classic version of the game, which you remember from childhood and have been improving it for 10 years. All innovations are unique and available only on our game servers.

MU Online - is one of the most interesting and easy-to-learn classic MMORPG games, which does not stand still, but is constantly being improved and upgraded. Over its long history it has gathered a huge fan base all over the world, who play it, regardless of race, nationality or religion.

The game gives you the opportunity to explore a vast world of MU continent, either alone exterminating monsters and avoiding stronger players - murderers, collecting a small amount of coins, with which you can buy better armor and weapons, or teaming up with players in parties, and who knows, maybe over the time, you might even get invited into large, powerful guild with strong friendships and a deep hierarchy. In case if you will stay unnoticed by strong guilds or you prefer the strategy of developing everything from ground, then you will also be able to create your own guild and evolve it the way you would like to see it, growing your power and zone of influence.

In the world of MU Online, players are provided with many interesting events and quests, so every day you will receive a new pleasant sensations and a powerful influx of adrenaline, which we all lack so much in boring everyday life. Help the Archangel to get into the fortress and reclaim his lost weapon, take part in a mass battle with hordes of evil monsters, protect a strategically important fortress or lead your guild into battle, and capture a huge castle on a separate map from which you could control the whole continent of MU. And also make sure to take part in our unique events: Kanturu Domination, Team Deathmatch and Lords of Bless Arena.

Our MU Online world is distinguished by its unique atmosphere and balanced economy, because you can trade not only for gold coins, but also for special game bonuses. We have a market for items and characters on our website where you can buy and sell without a fear for getting scammed, as it unfortunately could happen in the game. Also on our server we have unique systems of achievements and successive quests. We are one of those who appreciate every player and are willing to do anything to help him, of course within reasonable limits. We regularly have out-of-game competitions with great prizes on our forum. If playing with us you have become a little happier, it means that we are working for good a reason.

Our team of developers and game masters are living in the world of MU Online and are constantly coming up with something completely new and unusual, different from ordinary everyday stuff. We hope to see each of you in our world to provide you with the most pleasant conditions for the game and give you the opportunity to be proud that you are playing with us.