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New big guide MUX world features released.
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On the market you can now search for items with certain attributes: Excellent options, Luck, Ancient, PvP. You can separate items that are sold for Zen as well. Itís possible to find items with certain combinations of options, for example: Dark Knights Helms with +Luck+DD+Ref. In addition, when applying search filters, the page no longer reloads entirely. So now search for the necessary items became faster and more convenient.

In My Characters section you can now see your Safe Mode status and your latest purchases in the Cash Shop. On the home page you can now see the latest lottery winnings of items from groups 1 and 2.

Make a donation and get 2 times more lottery tickets as a gift. The promotion will last until the end of the month.

All Mux servers now have the same Guild Tribute system from Phobos, where you make tributes for your guild, receive GT points and use them to open special chests on the website with top excellent items. All tributes will be made at rates x5. Detailed information about the Tribute system is available here.

Server Aurora also received Guild Quests system instead of Guild Rewards, same as Phobos. And Guild Quests season on Pandora now lasts 7 days instead of 14. Requirements for completing certain quests will be gradually lowered during the next two months, so the tasks would be more adequate.

New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Amount of smaller golden monsters was significantly increased: 4 Golden Dragons, 8 Golden Titans and as many as 16 Golden Goblins will now appear with the invasion. Thus, we want to endorse players who collect lower grade excellent sets, and make this variant of equipment more viable. In addition to the golden subject, you can now also meet Golden Scorpions and Happy Pouches in Dungeon.

New command variations for quick stat addition. For example, by using the /setstr 20000 command, your characters strength will be set exactly to 20k. The same, for example, for /setagi 32767 command, it will max out your agility. Also, it is now possible to distribute all you stats at once with one command, for example: /setstats 500 15000 200 24000, this will set you characters strength to 500, agility to 15k, vitality to 200 and energy to 24k.

Success rates for Chaos Machine item upgrader were adjusted, there were miscalculations mostly within 5% range , both upwards and downwards. Now, the rates for item upgrade are exactly the same as those displayed in your game client and fully correspond to the original settings of our MU season. Also, items with +28 options can now be freely used in all chaos machine combinations without any errors.

Damage and defense that gladiators receive from their free stats points, when the rest of their stats are maxes out, was dramatically increased. Updated formula can be found here.

All excellent options on arrows and bolts now function correctly.

Talismans of Resurrection and Mobility can now be used in Snowstorm Devias.

Server Pandora received a 15% percent discount an all items in the Bonuses shop.

We are opening our new Screenshot contest. Total prize fund is 10000 bonuses. We have 5 different nominations. In each nomination we have 3 prizes
You can send your screenshots until 16 May. The winners will be announce 17 May. 

Every week you can participate in our new forum quests. Also there you can find information about upcoming in-game quests.