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New Legend x100 server is now open!
New big guide MUX world features released.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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We gladly announce that on February 8 players around the world will be able to once again plunge into the amazing world of Arkania and conquer a new server Epic. The most extraordinary medium-high rate server ever created by us 215 resets, a moderate decrease in the experience throughout resets, interesting character balance, and for the first time: Grand Reset and Guild Tribute systems combined. More information about the server can be found here.

Due to the opening, we are starting a massive advertisement campaign that will attract dozens of new players to our gaming worlds. In addition, we are going to have a free bonuses giveaway, so stay tuned!

Official opening of server Epic x300 will take place
on February 8 at 18:00 server time (UTC+2:00)!

The long awaited update regarding Castle Siege and Land of Trials has finally arrived.

Firstly, the part of taking the gates and the statue will now last longer and you will have a real reason to use your resources in order to fix and enhance these structures. The HP for the Castle Gates, Guardian Statue, Canon Tower, Life Stone and Battle Guards will now be calculated by the total amount of stats of the Castle owners GM. A weak GM will have weak gates and a strong GM will have stronger gates. This will allow to correctly calculate the HP of different structures on different servers and on different stages of the servers development.

We have added new Battle Guards units: Archer and Spearman. With the help of summon cards the defending side can place these guards in key places for a better result. The guards dont move but they attack the attacking team. They can be killed, but they cannot be moved. The summon cards needed to summon these guards are now added to Lilac Candy Box. There can be up to 100 guards on the map at one time.

The Caste Siege units will be doing more damage based on the players max HP : Canon Tower - 10%, Battle Guard Spear-man 4%, Battle Guard Archer 2%.

The Castle Lord Mix is now working, we have upgraded the castle taxes and now bosses have been added to Land Of Trials, and more. More about the new, upgraded perks of being the owner of the Castle can be found here.

Also there have been many important corrections in the in-game world :

We have reworked formulas for experience gain in solo and in all kinds of parties. Now the experience from all monsters will be divided more evenly, calculated by the level of the monsters. Bronze, Silver and Gold Party are now working correctly on all locations and on all monsters. Some corrections are made in order to make solo leveling more beneficial than in Gold Party. Of course, this system will be corrected if necessary, so please, do not panic.

Training Worm is now immortal and cannot be moved. So now you can train your combo skills without any distractions.

At appearing after the game exit or after switching character in Arkania, your character will be teleported to Safe Zone. It will solve forever all disputes with unfair entering to events.

For security purposes an extra delay is added to the usage time of commands /gift and /guild.

Guild Buff and the commands /add stats are not working on Team Deathmatch anymore. Also the spikes in the TDM arena do not kill players anymore. However it will deal some damage and also poison effect is added.

The difference of levels between characters no longer makes it possible to get (Miss) hits in PvP. This was relevant for servers with Guild Tributes.

We have corrected the specifications of bosses in the Lords of Bless Arena event. We hope not to see complaints that Asteroth is dying too fast now. Also the vision range of the bosses has been decreased which make life easier for the newer players who are just trying to run to spots.

In the next update the prize for winning Lords of Bless Arena event will be finally revealed, together with some more corrections for Guild Buff awarded for doing Guild Tributes and killing BA bosses.

The testing period of our new permanent event - Lords of Bless Arena, has started on all our servers. More information about this event can be found here.

From this moment on, Guild Buff won't work in the locations Duel Arena and Chaos Castle. In the future, you should await changes to the buff itself and how it is divided among the guild members. Our goal is to not have top-guilds full with inactive players. Our vision for the future is to create a system that would allow more guilds to be contenders for the throne and to therefore stop this trend of the server being ruled by 2 supper-alliances. The guild tribute system will also be re-worked in order to make this possible.

A new command is now available to change the party leader: /partyleader . It can be used by the current party leader. Also, it has been brought to our attention that the experience gain in Gold Party is wrong in some certain conditions, thanks to those who found this problem and insisted on their rights for correct experience. This will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

We've updated our defense against hit-hacks. It is now impossible to send multiple hits to your opponent or to attack him while you're dead.

In addition, we have noticed that very few spectators are watching duels or football matches. Therefore, we have added announcements on start of duels, guild wars and football.

That time has come when citizens of server Nova are going the long-awaited trip Muxglobal Nova merges with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in the spring of 2016, has more than 300 active players every day, 6000 created characters, and currently is our flagship server.

Nova players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safe and sound.

Servers Nova and Aurora will be turned off on Tuesday 17.01.2017 at 13:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Aurora will open the same day at 22:00.

Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.

19.12.16 Webshop Update
In the last years our gaming world has undergone numerous and drastic changes. Weve had a lot of new features added, our in-game balance has been adjusted, in-game mechanics, buffs and skills have changed which has led to new tactics used in-game. But through out this time our Shop has stayed the same and was significantly out of date. It is now time to re-new it and bring up-to-speed with our enhanced gameplay.

First of all, we tried to make the new shop as clear as possible. You wont find the same item with different item level and excellent options anymore. Now you wont have to overthink what item, with which option to chose. There is no more discrimination between classes - all the prices, the amount of excellent options and the item levels are now alike. There is no more need to regulate the in-game balance via the shop. The more desirable options are now available on the lowest grade items and for a more reasonable price. All items for all classes now have the same options and all are now +13. Furthermore, they are now divided into 2 groups: PvE and PvP.

PvE cheaper items, which are more suitable for killing monsters and not for fighting other players. PvE items now have 4 options on weapons (+Rate +Speed +Mana +HP) and 3 options on armors (+Zen +Rate +Decrease).

PvP expensive items, which are designed for fighting other players. PvP items have all 6 possible options on weapons and shields, and 4 options on armors (+Rate +Decrease +HP +Reflect).

The shop will no longer include Ancient items. These will now be the most valuable items, obtainable only in the game. In the nearest future, ancient items will await even more work done on them.

The shop will no longer contain Archangel items due to the fact, that their stats don't increase with the addition of excellent options. In the nearest future these items will be given their own role and they will get new, unique features which will be tied to their in-game origins. A similar fate awaits the Chaos items: Bow, Axe, Staff.

All two-handed weapons have been removed, due to their low usage because of their lower impact on the set bonus. These items also can await a rework and conquer a new niche in the game. Also, jewels have been removed from the shop, because they are now available in the Cash Shop in-game.

For those who will want to change their old items for new ones - the % of bonuses returned will be increased from 50% to 80-90% depending on the server. This increased rate will be available for a month. In addition, when returning items for bonuses, the website will now take into account the amount of bonuses used for upgrading the items +14/+15 on the web.

Also the prizes for the lottery are already updated and now match the items available in the Shop.