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New Server Phobos x5000 has been launched on November 2!

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Great news for our Dark Lords we have fixed the existing problems with Crown Switch on Castle Siege for this class. Now they can become legitimate lord-owners of the Valley of Loren castle. Moreover, let us not forget, that Dark Lord is the only character in the game that can have up to 80 people in his guild and claim the highest Guild Buff in the game. In the future, we are going to further develop leadership qualities of this character.

The rule that forbids killing elves that are connected to the altar during Crywolf event is revoked. Instead, all incoming PvP damage to them is reduced by 90%, that makes killing elves on the altars a very challenging task. We are waiting for your suggestions on how the Cywolf Fortress status may affect the game world.

Good old Battle Soccer is finally back in the game. To challenge a guild to a soccer match you need to write a command /battlesoccer guildname. Only members that are in a party with a guild master will participate in match. Have fun!

Hello our dear players. We're glad to introduce our new questmaker: Marcus
And now, once week, you can have a good time and win some bonuses in quests.
There will be an announcements about the day and time when quests will be scheduled, so keep checking our forum.
Have a good time!

Hello! Now you have opportunity to win bonuses at start of x200 Nova! New event on our Facebook page: 200 bonuses per win and 10 winners. Hurry up, it's your chance!

Our Facebook page:

Registration for the first Castle Siege is already open. In order to register you need to have at least 20 people in your guild and have an alliance with any other guild. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight!

02.04.16 Bonuses return
Weve got a new service on our website. It allows you to return the items that you have bought in the shop on the website. You will receive 50% of their initial cost in bonuses. Items must be located on the first page of your game vault. Items must be bought from your account on the current server. Service is available on the website in section   Services > Operations with game currency > Bonuses return.