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New Server Epic x300 - Opening 8 February!
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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We are introducing a test mode for an AutoParty system, which allows you to automatically take people to your Party. AP mode is managed by commands:
  • /ap on - to accept all the people
  • /ap on 300 - to accept people up to 300 level, you can specify any
  • /ap on 400 gold - to only accept characters suitable for Gold Party
  • /ap on 200 gold - to accept characters up to 200 levelsuitable for Gold Party
  • /ap off - to turn off the AP mode
Commands can also be combined, for example, /ap on 380 gold - this will only accept characters of different classes up to 380 level. To join AutoParty you need to give a standard party invite /party to a player who created the AP, and you will automatically join his party. In the future, we plan to develop this system, adding new features. Now we would like to hear your feedback and suggestions.

A lot of work has been done to improve reliability of a chaos castle event. Fixed an error with a falling character glitch. Corrected floor collapse the system now everything should collapse evenly and mobs should not get stuck in inaccessible places. We hope that in real conditions everything will be as smooth as on the tests.

A small but very pleasant addons: stats can now be added much faster by holding down the middle mouse button. Also, size of buff icons is reduced, now they take less space on the screen, preparing for the replenishment.

The minimum selling price for the website market is set to 4+1 Tax.

Fixed auto-attack system in the clicker when using [F6] [F7] [F8]. Clicker now regulates auto-attack by himself, as he needs to. When clicker is turned off, it will return the settings you have set yourself in your game client. HP clicker now responds only to [F10] button. Also some optimizations in anti-cheat.

Corrected damage of top DK and MG swords. Command /Item Name (example: /Bone Blade) now works on all screen resolutions and provides precise parameters of any weapons or armors. Level 4 wings can now be equipped at level 300, regardless of their upgrade level or options.

Added new options for widescreen resolutions of the game window: 1302x732 for laptops and 1810x1018 for Full HD desktops. It allows you to play in a window, but with the highest possible resolution for your screen, so nothing is offscaled. Actual for lovers to film high-quality videos.

As a part of addressing the fight with avid lovers of cleaning all locations from players, dark lords summon skill will no longer teleport phonomaniacs with 10 or more kills. And once weve touched this sensitive issue, what do you think about the killer and victim achievement, maybe it is worth to localize it within certain PVP locations, in order not to give people a motivation for mayhem and to limit the possibility of achievement cheat-boosting.

We gladly announce that on August 30 anyone willing will be able to once again plunge into the amazing world of Arkania and conquer a new server Nova x200. The most extraordinary medium-rate ever created by us 200 resets, a moderate decrease in the experience, interesting stat balance and absolutely new system of Guild Tributes! More information about the server can be found here.

Due to the opening, we are starting a massive advertisement campaign that will attract dozens of new players to our gaming worlds. In addition, we are going to have a free bonuses giveaway, so stay tuned!

Official opening of server Nova x200 will take place
on August 30 at 18:00 server time (UTC+2:00)!

That time has come when citizens of server Atlas are going the long-awaited trip Muxglobal Atlas merges with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in the spring of 2016, has more than 400 active players every day, 2700 created characters, and currently is our flagship server.

Atlas players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safe and sound.

Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.

Website now features a safe game account disconnect function. It is useful in cases when you left the game client on other computer, for example, at work, and cannot log in to your character from another computer. Cost of this service is 10 bonuses. We would also like to remind you that your account cannot freeze in the game in any way. If you see the message - Account is already connected, this can only mean that your account is online on some computer somewhere else.

Expansion of guild management capabilities. Assistant GM now can accept new members into guild. Currently it works using the command /guild, but in the next update, it will work using the client interface.

Fixed a problem with Refining Stones and +14 +15 items. Now you will be unable to accidently downgrade the maximum possible Harmony upgrade. As well, an issue where items with +11 upgrade level and above could downgrade to +6 is now corrected.

Kalima map can no longer be used in Arkania, in order to stop temptation to block access bridges during the events. Also removed restriction to attack characters below level 6. This feature in fact was no longer relevant, and only created opportunities for various fraudulent manipulations.

Protection from using macros for kill achievement in Bless Arena. Now with the death in BA PvP zone there is a small chance that you will be teleported to Arkania.

Owners of VIP accounts can now take Elf Soldier Buff up to the 300 level.

The next update will have mandatory fix of a hanging after death in Chaos Castle bug.

Server Aurora x30 has been successfully launched! Here are some gameplay footage of Arkania and a brief tutorial for the quest system.