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New server Pandora x100 has been opened on November 1st!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
New big guide MUX world features released.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

At the end of Bless Arena there is a new top-spot with Ghost Warriors. When killing other players in the area of the spot PK Count does not increase, and if you die and you have no jewels in the inventory you character will respawn on the closest star to the spot. We have created the best conditions for tough competition to level-up on the best spot in BA. In addition, we have updated all current spots in Bless Arena, amount of monsters on every spot is now equal, and monsters significantly grew in their ranks.

Locations Losttower and Atlans are now Non-PvP zones, both on regular and VIP servers. Dungeon and Valley of Loren are now zones of free PvP. Dark Lords Summon ability can no longer teleport phonomans with 25 kill or more to locations: Losstower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida and Kanturu.

The maximum amount of Battle Guards simultaneously placed on Castle Siege has been reduced from 100 to 10. Archers damage has been increased from 4% to 10% of targets Max.HP, Spearmans from 8% to 20% of the targets maximum health. We have fixed problems with /stadium command and crowns reset when switches are quickly intercepted between guilds.

There is new formulas of additional combo damage for each class:
DW: ENE + Max.Mana/2
DK: STR + Max.HP/10
ELF: STR/3 + AGI/2 + ENE/3 + DefenseSuccessRate x3

Old default formula: STR/2+AGi/2+ENE/2 for each class.

Agility stat has been deleted from most of the formulas, now to maximize combo damage you will have to sacrifice defense and attack speed. Agility is already and overly effective stat. Items +Mana will now be useful for mages, +HP for warriors and Defense Success Rate for elfs.

The formula for Mana Shield damage absorption has been changed. Now the percentage scales from Energy and Max.Mana. The maximum possible percentage has been increased from 30% to 35% and can be achieved with approximately 80k Mana and 32k Energy. The duration of the buff has been reduced and depends on Energy. Minimum 60 seconds and maximum 220 seconds at 32k Energy.

If Magic Gladiator did not attack anyone for 10 seconds, his first attack on any target will cause triple damage.

Elven buffs: Heal, Greater Defense and Greater Damage now scale not only from Energy, but also from maximum amount Mana for the most part. In general, the buffs became stronger overall, and with items +Mana Elfs can get significant boost. In addition, when Elf applies Damage or Defense buff on their summoned monsters, it stays on them permanently.

We have fixed a number of errors when, in some cases, players did not receive points for participating in the Team Deathmatch Event. Party Leader is now restored correctly if he had reconnect for less than 2 minutes. You wont see 6 people party bug anymore. Experience calculation has been fixed in situations when you are in a party and other party members are out of sight.

It is important to understand that balance formulas are never final. Especially we want to draw your attention to the Combo formulas. To test different builds, the cost of resetting the stats on the site is temporarily set to 1 Bonus. We test within a week, after which there will be additional adjustments.

In the second part of the update, there will be a complete rework and new Ancient sets, new Dungeon farm zone and other interesting novelties.

A large amount of work was done to solve Party system issues with Reconnect and Duel. There should be no more problems with PT Reconnect in the CC. During the reconnect, Party Leader is now moved on to the next PT participant in the list, when previous PL is reconnected, it will no longer be appointed as a Party Leader. Corrected recovery of the PT at reconnect, if it consisted of only two people. Strangers can no longer get into the Duel Arena and give buffs to duelists using PT RC bug (the spectator mode remains). Next, we will work on solving visual bugs with deaths in Duel Arena.

Good news for Energy Elfs who like to be independent. Now monsters killed by elven summons will be counted in the quest system. In future we plan to modify the Infinity Arrow skill, which is not being used now. To make it as a buff for the whole Party, similar to Inner Strength. What effect would you be interested in seeing? Share your ideas.

You can now use packs of 30x Jewels of Guardian, in the throne room Lord Mix combination. Also all errors, which caused instability of Lord Mix combinations, are now fixed.

When you change the password, the session will now be terminated and you will be kicked out of the personal cabinet on the website. Actual in the event when someone has access to your account and you with the help of changing the password can immediately interrupt any of his actions with your account on the website.

Only one person instead of two is now enough for the successful launch of the Chaos Castle event. This should encourage players to visit the lower floors of CC, as now they are often simply ignored reckoning that the event will not start because of the lack of players.

Another work carried out on the White Wizard Invasion, thanks to the help of from outside. Let's hope that from now on, with every invasion we will have a complete set of wizards.

The list of IP address bans is now shared between all our servers and projects. If youve been so bad that you managed to get a ban to IP address, which happens extremely rarely, then you will not be able to play on any of our servers.

Guild Tribute system has been added to our extra high experience rate server Phobos x5000. Players can now choose between Grand Reset and Guild Tribute. GT allows to increase the strength of your guild and expand its influence on the server. The system involves a number of components - leveling speed, resets, buff strength, chances of earning bonuses and much more. Apart from that, each GT gives your character 50 GRP for spending in the Grand Reset Shop.

To perform a Guild Tribute, your character must be in a guild, have 215 resets and 400 level. After GT your level will be dropped to 1 and stats will be given as if you acquired 215 reset. The experience rates for your character after making a tribute will be x3, and all subsequent tributes will be performed at these rates. More information is available here.

In addition new reset gift feature has been implemented on server Phobos. When you make your first reset, as a gift you will receive up to 25 additional resets, depending on your character class.

Registration for the first Castle Siege on server Legend is now open. In order to register just leave the name of your guild in the comments. To participate you need at least 10 members in your guild. Maximum number of guild that can be registered is 3. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight!

The long-awaited craft system for items on the website has been launched on all our servers. With its help, you can create from 1 Excellent item of one class and type 1 new item with a higher grade than the initial materials

The source materials must have a certain minimum grinding, depending on their grade. The chance of a successful combination is 50%. In case of failure, you lose all the source materials, if for payment you use Zen. If, on payment, you use CashPoints, in case of failure you will lose only one random item.

More information about the craft system you can find here.