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New Server Phobos x5000 has been launched on November 2!

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Website now features a safe game account disconnect function. It is useful in cases when you left the game client on other computer, for example, at work, and cannot log in to your character from another computer. Cost of this service is 10 bonuses. We would also like to remind you that your account cannot freeze in the game in any way. If you see the message - Account is already connected, this can only mean that your account is online on some computer somewhere else.

Expansion of guild management capabilities. Assistant GM now can accept new members into guild. Currently it works using the command /guild, but in the next update, it will work using the client interface.

Fixed a problem with Refining Stones and +14 +15 items. Now you will be unable to accidently downgrade the maximum possible Harmony upgrade. As well, an issue where items with +11 upgrade level and above could downgrade to +6 is now corrected.

Kalima map can no longer be used in Arkania, in order to stop temptation to block access bridges during the events. Also removed restriction to attack characters below level 6. This feature in fact was no longer relevant, and only created opportunities for various fraudulent manipulations.

Protection from using macros for kill achievement in Bless Arena. Now with the death in BA PvP zone there is a small chance that you will be teleported to Arkania.

Owners of VIP accounts can now take Elf Soldier Buff up to the 300 level.

The next update will have mandatory fix of a hanging after death in Chaos Castle bug.

Server Aurora x30 has been successfully launched! Here are some gameplay footage of Arkania and a brief tutorial for the quest system.

Hello our dear players. This long-awaited moment has finally arrived! Tomorrow Aurora x30 will be open! Just wanted to remind opening times:

10:00 UTC-5 (Peru)
11:00 UTC-4 (Venezuela, Chile)
12:00 UTC-3 (Argentina, Brazil)
16:00 UTC+0 (West Europe, UK, Spain)
17:00 UTC+1 (Poland, Italy, Hungary)
18:00 UTC+2 (East Europe, Latvia, Romania, Turkey)
22:00 UTC+7 (Vietnam)
23:00 UTC+8 (Philippines, Malaysia)

Don't forget about MuxGlobal Facebook page. Tomorrow is the last day of our event: 100 bonuses per win and 10 winners. Hurry up, it's your chance!

We have updated Party experience allocation system. To receive additional bonus experience all members in a party should have different character classes:
- Bronze: 3 classes and 110% experience for each
- Silver: 4 classes and 120% experience for each
-Gold: 5 classes and 130% experience for each
Bundle with DK DW ELF is no longer the only relevant combination. Bonus party can be created by any character classes, for example MG DL DK – it’s already a Bronze party. It means, that all classes now will be equally demanded.

Guild Buff has been improved, now the buff allocation between members looks as follows: GM – 100%, AGM – 80%, BM – 60%, Members – 40%. New parameter – Experience Gain, it increases all incoming experience. More information about special guild abilities can be found here.

We have adjusted the loot system in order to cope with an immense attack speed of players. It should eradicate the cases when you kill a boss, but do not get a prize. We hope that now we can say farewell to the false bosses. Abnormal Zen piles are also managed, no more Zen bugs. And please, there is no need to shout, we know, White Wizards are next to be fixed.

In order to increase performance all unnecessary loot in Blood Castle and Devil Square has been removed. Only Jewels of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, Creation and Excellent items can be dropped there.

Our green friend Jerridon that restores Harmony options from items is now capable of removing Jewel of Life option from wings. It will useful, if instead of Additional Damage you prefer HP recovery, or vice versa.

You can now upgrade Wings of Conqueror and Devil & Angel wings for +14+15 in Goblin Chaos Machine. We are not sure that there will be people brave enough, but nevertheless the possibility of burning the most expensive items in the game is now present.

06.05.16 Voting
We have decided to remove from the Top Voters rankings. Firstly, we don’t want russian-speakers to have any kind of advantage in earning bonuses. Secondly, we would like to fully concentrate on xtremetop, because it will be more beneficial for our project. We are planning to get in Top5 of the rating after server Aurora opening.