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19.12.16 Webshop Update
In the last years our gaming world has undergone numerous and drastic changes. Weve had a lot of new features added, our in-game balance has been adjusted, in-game mechanics, buffs and skills have changed which has led to new tactics used in-game. But through out this time our Shop has stayed the same and was significantly out of date. It is now time to re-new it and bring up-to-speed with our enhanced gameplay.

First of all, we tried to make the new shop as clear as possible. You wont find the same item with different item level and excellent options anymore. Now you wont have to overthink what item, with which option to chose. There is no more discrimination between classes - all the prices, the amount of excellent options and the item levels are now alike. There is no more need to regulate the in-game balance via the shop. The more desirable options are now available on the lowest grade items and for a more reasonable price. All items for all classes now have the same options and all are now +13. Furthermore, they are now divided into 2 groups: PvE and PvP.

PvE cheaper items, which are more suitable for killing monsters and not for fighting other players. PvE items now have 4 options on weapons (+Rate +Speed +Mana +HP) and 3 options on armors (+Zen +Rate +Decrease).

PvP expensive items, which are designed for fighting other players. PvP items have all 6 possible options on weapons and shields, and 4 options on armors (+Rate +Decrease +HP +Reflect).

The shop will no longer include Ancient items. These will now be the most valuable items, obtainable only in the game. In the nearest future, ancient items will await even more work done on them.

The shop will no longer contain Archangel items due to the fact, that their stats don't increase with the addition of excellent options. In the nearest future these items will be given their own role and they will get new, unique features which will be tied to their in-game origins. A similar fate awaits the Chaos items: Bow, Axe, Staff.

All two-handed weapons have been removed, due to their low usage because of their lower impact on the set bonus. These items also can await a rework and conquer a new niche in the game. Also, jewels have been removed from the shop, because they are now available in the Cash Shop in-game.

For those who will want to change their old items for new ones - the % of bonuses returned will be increased from 50% to 80-90% depending on the server. This increased rate will be available for a month. In addition, when returning items for bonuses, the website will now take into account the amount of bonuses used for upgrading the items +14/+15 on the web.

Also the prizes for the lottery are already updated and now match the items available in the Shop. 

Registration for the first Castle Siege on server Phobos is now open. In order to register just leave the name of your alliance in the comments. You need at least 20 people in your guild and have an alliance with any other guild. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight!

The moment has finally arrived! Tomorrow new world Phobos x5000 will open it's doors! Here are the opening times for different time zones:

11:00 - (Peru)
12:00 - (Venezuela)
13:00 - (Argentina, Chile)
14:00 - (Brazil)
16:00 - (West Europe, UK, Spain)
17:00 - (Poland, Italy, Hungary)
18:00 - (East Europe, Latvia, Romania, Turkey)
23:00 - (Vietnam)
00:00 - (Philippines, Malaysia)

Also, help us to spread the word in social networks and get a chance to win 200 bonuses. Just like our page and share this post!

Hello! It's time for traditional event on our Facebook page! Now you have opportunity to win bonuses at start of x5000 Phobos! Very simple: 200 bonuses per win and 10 winners. Hurry up, it's your chance!

Our Facebook page:

We gladly announce that on November 2 players around the world will be able to once again plunge into the amazing world of Arkania and conquer a new server Phobos. The most extraordinary high rate server ever created by us 215 resets, a slight decrease in the experience throughout resets, interesting character balance, and absolutely new system of Grand Resets combined with a Grand Shop, where you can get Top Excellent items for doing resets. More information about the server can be found here.

Due to the opening, we are starting a massive advertisement campaign that will attract dozens of new players to our gaming worlds. In addition, we are going to have a free bonuses giveaway, so stay tuned!

Official opening of server Phobos x5000 will take place
on November 2 at 18:00 server time (UTC+2:00)!