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New server Pandora x100 has been opened on November 1st!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
New big guide MUX world features released.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

We have fixed all mistakes related to incorrect calculations of damage with pets, e.g. when Satan in certain situations could give you more damage than Golden Fenrir. Now all percentages are precise and correct in relation to each other. Now Satan and Black Fenrir give +25% Damage Increase, Angel and Blue Fenrir give +20% Damage Absorb, Dinorant now gives you +20% Damage and 15% Absorb, and itís durability has been increased 100x. Rudolph also received a massive boost of durability.

One-handed swords: Double Blade, Lightning Sword, Sword of Destruction and Knight Blade have been significantly strengthened. Now the updated Lightning Sword gives you more damage than the old Sword of Destruction. All two-handed weapons were corrected and aligned in the correct order by drop chance and power. Thunder Blade received Power Slash skill for Magic Gladiator. Shop on the website now has a full range of two-handed weapons and crossbow available.

All Excellent items drops have undergone a complete and thorough rework. There are no longer any inconsistent or illogical drop combinations. All drops now correspond to the hierarchy of the Craft System and Guild Rewards. There will no longer be any unfairly rare or unobtainable items. The main principle is Ė the better the item, the less it drops in a day.

New lineup of boxes and bosses from lowest to highest now looks like this: Boxes of Kundun > Death King + Lord of Kundun > Nightmare + Dark Elf + Great Dragon > Asteroth > Balgass.

The amount of Golden Invasions and Chaos Castle events has been increased, now events happen every 2 hours without any nighttime breaks. Also in CC, as a reward, you will no longer find any random items+7 or Ancient items, only CC Box.

All elemental jewelry of all types is now available in the game. However, it can be obtained only from the Erohim boss. Thus, the possession of the castle Castle Siege acquires a new meaning, and the battle in Bless Arena will become even hotter.

Neutral jewelry without elemental resists Ė Ring of Magic and Pendant of Ability now is obtainable from Box of Kundun +5.

Lord of Kundun now drops only ancient grade A, B and C. Ancient item grades D and E are now only available in Dungeon and Land of Trials.

The amount of Death Bone during Death King Invasion has been decreased from 20 to 10. The amount of Zen from Box of Luck and Red Dragon has been significantly decreased.

Detailed information about all the drops on the server is available here.

Power of the Ancients buff now works perfectly with Bows and Crossbows. Goblet of Mana now increases damage of SM and EMG duet to Mana increase. Ancient drop in Dungeon on the VIP server has been fixed.

Clan Rewards for server Aurora are planned to arrive on Tuesday. Your suggestions on this matter are welcomed.

After prolonged and heated debates it has been decided that the best course of action in the current situation is to make a merge. And as you can see, the situation on servers Legend and Phobos is quite dull. We don't want our players to suffer from boredom, thus we provide an opportunity to join communities and breathe life into our gaming worlds.

Citizens of servers Legend and Phobos are going for a trip Ė Muxglobal Legend and Muxglobal Phobos are merging with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in spring of 2016, has more than 400 active players every day, 11000 created characters and it is our oldest and the most solid server to date.

Legend and Phobos players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safely.

Servers Aurora and Legend received a temporary 99% bonuses return for all items bought in the Shop on the website. We thought that players might want to change their gear in order to prepare for the heavy hitters from Phobos.

Servers Aurora and Legend received 50% a permanent discount on buying bonuses. All who bought bonuses in the last 3 months including September on servers Legend and Aurora will receive additional bonuses equal 100% to the amount that they have bought.

After the merge server Aurora will receive new Guild Tribute and Clan Reward systems.

This merge will be accompanied by an advertising campaign, we will ensure that all our player-base gets notified about this event. We will try to bring back old players and probably attract new ones in the process.

Merge will take place on January 8. Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.

Itís almost New Year and Santa is bringing everyone happiness and presents. But this time he needs your help! If we do not help him, then the server will be in trouble. But if we win, the association of elves will bless the server and itís best players with gifts.

Full information about event, prizes, and event time can be found here.

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Entire lineup of Ancient Sets has been completely reworked. Total amount of sets has increased almost 3-fold, now we have 55 different sets. All sets are divided into grades: A, B, C, D, E. The lowest grades D and E are now available in the special drop in the Dungeon. Grades A, B and C remain as an exclusive prerogative of the castle owners. All sets were completely rebalanced among themselves; most dramatic changes were made to Increase Wizardry Damage % option, which unjustly raised DW sets over the other classes. The main goals were to add variety when choosing your items and make Ancient sets equally effective for each class.

Collecting any full Ancient set and pairing it with certain type of weapon grants you a special Buff: Power of the Ancients. For warriors, mages and gladiators buff turns on when you are using any two-handed weapon. For elfs - when using Bow or Crossbow. Dark Lord gains the buff when Dark Raven is equipped. Buff affects all outgoing damage. For all classes to get a buff you need to sacrifice your shield, thereby reducing your overall defense, but maximizing damage.

Current parameters of Ancient sets are not final and there will probably be additional changes after players will figure out what is what. Full information about all Ancient sets can be found here.

Dungeon map has undergone a complete reconstruction. It is no longer divided into floors. All territories are unified and represent one huge dungeon where players will wander in search of special monsters and valuable drop of Excellent and Ancient items, as well as special buffs. More information on the updated Dungeon location is available here.

Due to the fact that Ancient items became more accessible, requirements for successful mixing of Feather of Condor were significantly increased. Getting hands on Flame of Condor is now also harder, drop from Kalima 6 boss has been changed from CC Box to Jewel of Ancient Harmony. The only source of Condors Flames is now Chaos Castle.

Third-level wings received new options: Critical Damage Rate +2% and Excellent Damage Rate+2%. They replaced old malfunctioning options. Display of the third wing options on the website is now correct. Base Damage Increase & Absorb on the fourth-level wings has been increased by 2%. Critical, Excellent and Double Dmage Rate have been increased by 1%.

Shadowmere received an additional option of +6000 Life. Therefore, its price has grown, and it became the most authoritative of the existing pets. And his new look is already around the corner.

We have fixed a bug, when Magic Gladiator could not use his Fire Slash skill if somebody used Twisting Slash nearby.

When Dark Wizard is using his Teleport ability, he gains increased Defense Success Rate(x8) for one second.

Dark Lord got back his former Critical Damage formula depending on Energy. Still, Command stat gives the most substantial increase of the buff. Critical Damage = Energy/30 + Command/5.

Final damage from Magic Gladiator to Dark Knight has been increased by 10%.

The maximum amount of Zen you can store in your chest on the website has been increased to 100kkk.

Anticheat has been updated, now it can faster detect programs that accelerate the game. Client file check security also has been improved.

In the next part of the update, you can expect a complete rework of all Excellent items drops on the server, adjustments to one-handed and two-handed weapons, as well as improvements of the craft system on the website.

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Location Aida has been expanded, new territories were added. The total amount of spots on the map has more than doubled. We have one more Hellmaine and new mob Blaze Napin, which has a respawn time of 10 minutes and drops Navy Candy Box.

Losttower was left as the only Non-PvP location on the main server. Dungeon, Valley of Loren and Crywolf were fixed and now are actually zones of free PvP. Dark Lordís Summon ability can no longer teleport phonomans with 15 kills or more to locations: Losstower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida and Kanturu. And when you reach 30 kills you will not be able to continue killing other players on this locations, unless you PK Clear.

Combo damage formulas were updated, the current figures now look like this:
DW: ENE + MaxMana/2
DK: STRx1.25 + MaxHP/50
ELF: STR/3 + AGI/2 + ENE/3 + DefenseSuccessRate x3
MG: STR + ENE + MaxMana/4 + MaxHP/50
DL: STR + ENE/2 + COM/2 + AG/2

There is a new Elven buff Ė Ragefull Strikes. It adds extra combo damage for all party members for 60 seconds. The power of the buff depends on the maximum amount of Mana (MaxMana/10) of the elf caster. All elfs receive this skill after completing Marlon quest.

Dark Lordís Critical Damage buff has been enhanced. Now it is dependent on the amount of Command that your character has. Maximum possible gain has more than tripled. The duration of the buff has been reduced and depends on Command. Minimum 60 seconds and maximum 220 seconds with 32k Command.

Dark Lordís Electric Spike skill has been enhanced. Now it deals additional damage equal to 2% HP and 6% Mana of your party members that are in a view range.

Mana Shield has been modified, maximum possible absorption percent has been rolled back to 30%, but now you can achieve this value much sooner at 20k Energy and 40k Mana. In addition, we fixed a bug when the maximum duration of the buff was 166 seconds instead of the set 220 at 32k Energy.

Dark Wizardís Nova skill has been significantly buffed. Now it deals enormous amount of damage when you reach the maximum charge at 6 seconds. Be careful with that, it might cause instant kills.

Dark Wizard and Magic gladiator also received additional Wizardry Damage, depending on the maximum amount of Mana they have. Formula: Additional Damage = MaxMana/20.

When using Teleport ability your Defense Success Rate PvP doubles. It means, that during teleport chance of enemy missing a hit on you increases.

The first blow from the Magic Gladiator, if he has not attacked anyone for 10 seconds now deals 300% damage. If MG kills any target, whether itís a player or a monster, the timer is reset and your next hit will again deal 350% damage.

We have increased additional Defense that Elfs and Magic Gladiators gain from Vitality. It should help them survive on the high-rate servers.

All Excellent items that are dropped in the game from any sources now have an ultra-low chance of having 4 Excellent options. Yes, your heard it right, now you can get 4opt items in the game, but you should be incredibly lucky. These items will become the rarest in the game.

Basic models for character for all classed have been updated, now they look much more refined.

It was an update part 1.2, the long-awaited second part with new Ancient sets is in the final stage of development.