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New server Pandora x100 has been opened on November 1st!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
New big guide MUX world features released.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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Dear players, we want to congratulate you with the already passed Christmas and the New Year to come! We wish you all the very best not only in our Muxglobal world, but also everywhere else, outside the realms of Muxglobal. We hope that the next year will be even more interesting and captivating.

This year has been full of new things. We have gradually, during this year, fixed a load of various bugs and errors and we have implemented a lot of new features in the quest to make our beloved game even more enjoyable.

To celebrate, there will be a Drop Event on the 28th December, on each of our gaming worlds.

Aurora - 17:30
Diablo - 18:00
Pandora - 18:30

Also we have more gifts in store for you on December 31st.

Thank you for being with us in this passing year. Let's meet, celebrate and spend the next year together as well!

We have decided to take additional measures in order to make life difficult for the guilds who stayed too long in the castle. Now, if the guild successfully defended the castle, then at the next siege attackers will receive a reinforcing buff: +10% Damage Increase and 5% Damage Absorb. Each subsequent successful defense of the castle will increase this buff. If according to the results of the siege, the castle changes its owner, buff will reset. Current information on the current status of the buff and the history of all the sieges of the castle is here.

We have removed safe zone from Kanturu Arena. Enemy guild members will now longer be able to sit out in the safe zone after the location changes ownership. Instead of the safe zone, there are now two Soldiers with Violet Mistery Box drop. Drop from all Balis and Soldiers on the server is now Violet Mistery Box.

Minor balance adjustments, elves now receive even more additional damage from putting points into Energy and Vitality, and more additional defense from Vitality. Gladiators got a new formula that increases defense, damage and HP, depending on the number of free points, when all others stats reach 32767 (that is not relevant on current servers, but it’s good to know for the future). The power of the first strike for MG now depends more on Energy, and the upper bar was increased. In detail all new and modified character formulas can be found here.

Relics of Kundun now has a dynamic respawn time in all locations. Now it will appear not exactly after 25 hours afters it's been killed, but somewhere randomly in-between 24 and 25 hours. Also there are now global announcements when the boss killed, so everyone will know the next respawn time. This should increase random chances for different players to get this boss.

In conclusion a small touch for the craft system on the website. Excellent versions of the Archangel and Chaos weapons now have unique additional effects: increased damage on phonomans and in BC / increased critical damage rate and additional damage to monsters, more info here.

ÈëëþñòðàöèÿIt is time for our routine changes in the quest system, so it can be relevant to the current in-game situation. As in previous updates, we are trying to eliminate unnecessarily difficult quests that appear too early in the quest chain, and often cause players to quit when they stumble upon an impossible task. Our goal is to make quest list as smooth, balanced, and fairly rewarded as possible.

We have completely removed all missions related to White Wizards from the quest system. We are certain that there were absolutely no fans of WW quests. We have replaced them with new, much more enjoyable and interesting missions in Chaos Castle, Dungeon and Kanturu Domination. Zaikan quest has once again been moved up in the list and is now at #142, while Golden Lizard King takes its place at #119. This should help with the problem of players having to wait in a queue to kill one monster. We have removed all Boxes of Kundun +1/2 from the rewards and substituted them with Violet Mystery boxes instead. In addition quests 70, 85, 101 and 120 now give you Loch's Feather/Crest of Monarch as a reward, this should help newer players in their pursue of creating their first set of wings. Few simple quest Yetis have been changed them to Death Bones in Dungeon. You can see the full list of quest that have been changed below:

57 – Yeti x40 – Violet Mistery Box
66 – Golden Scorpion 1x – Jewel of Bless
70 – Cyclops x50 – Loch’s Feather / Crest of Monarch
77 – Chaos Castle Archer x3 – Stats, Zen, CP
85 – Elite Skeleton x60 – Loch’s Feather
96 – Golden Goblin x1 – Violet Mistery Box
101 – Ice Queen x60 – Loch’s Feather
112 – Golden Titan x2 – Violet Mistery Box
115 – Chaos Castle Archer x6 – Stats, Zen, CP
119 – Golden Lizard King x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen, CP
120 – Scorpion x100 – Loch’s Feather
129 – Armored Goldsmith x3 – Violet Mistery Box
137 – Death Bone x1 – Violet Mistery Box
142 – Zaikan x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen CP
178 – Golden Goblin x10 – Violet Mistery Box
196 – Armored Goldsmith x6 – Stats, Zen, CP
198 – Death Bone x2 – Stats, Zen, CP
211 – Mayas Nemesis x10 – Stats, Zen, CP
225 – Death Bone 3x – Stats, Zen, CP
247 – Death Bone 6x – Stats, Zen, CP

We are always open to your suggestions for the quest system - which mission should become harder easier and what types of quests should be removed completetely.

P.S. Server Pandora already had this changes implemented from the beginning.

The next chapter in the cycle of our new concept. Action medium rate server on our unique Arkania Episode 4 build. We have significantly cut the range of donate items in our shop. We no longer sell full sets, 3, 4 level wings and special pets - Golden Fenrir, Demon, Spirit of Guardian and Shadowmere. All Helms, Armors, Pants, Gloves and Boots will have to be collected exclusively by available gaming methods - fighting for bosses and trading with other players. Chance of looting items with 4 Excellent options and a wide range of available Ancient sets will make the process of assembling your perfect set truly captivating.

Participate in the bonuses giveaway on Facebook and become one of 10 lucky players to win 300 Bonuses! Winners will be determined randomly on the 5 of November.

You are Guild Master and your guild want to start playing on our server? Read about event for guild masters here.

Our exclusive game world concept:
Arkania | Ruined Lorencia | Jungle Noria | Snowstorm Devias

Like on the server Diablo, we are continuing to develop the equality concept. VIP account will still give all its benefits in the form of increased experience, buffs, gifts and a separate shop. In exchange, VIP players will receive access to another Bless Arena, with slightly weakened spots, some bosses and Non-PvP mode.

In addition, Rings and Pendants can be leveled up to +12 with the help of a new Jewel of Goldsmith that ca be found in the labyrinths of Dungeon.

One of the distinguishing features of the server is the new system - Guild Quests. Every week, all guilds on the server will receive a task - it can be killing certain monsters, bosses, attending events, completing quests and much more. 7 days will be given to complete the task, at the end of 7-day season, all members of the guild will be rewarded with Excellent items and extra Guild Buff. Full information about Guild Quests is available here.

Reset & quest limitations – additional chance for the less hardcore players to not fall out of the reset race.

Detailed information about the server is available here.

New Server MuxGlobal Pandora x100 will open on November 1 at 18:00 (EET)

New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

We made great efforts to improve and rebalance Ancient sets. The focus was on the grade E and D sets, they received significant improvements in every way. We have tried to ensure that even among the lowest grades there are no useless sets left. Many sets and combinations will now be a great alternative to Excellent items in the early stages of the game.

Alongside with the improvement of characteristics, it was necessary to change the components of some sets. In many sets, the number of parts that you need to assemble in order to get full set options has been reduced. It was required in order to make the process of combining parts from different Ancient sets as interesting and rewarding as possible. Set parts that were deleted: Piercing Helm and Boots, Eplete Helm and Gloves, Barnake Helm, Ceto Pants, Hyperion Armor, Garuda Pants, Cronus Boots, Odin Pants and Boots. These items on hand, lost their options, but they still fit for Feather of Condor mix. Overall, now we have a significantly larger amount of effective set part combinations.

Added new sets: Wild Destruction, Veseny Divine, Asylum Aschrow, Aces Eclipse, Talia Iris, Darkside Adamantine, Jokers Valiant and Hydra Thunder Hawk. They all consist of 2-3 items, work very effective in combination with Excellent items, and have their own characteristics.

The Power of the Ancients buff was improved: an additional 5% were given to DK, DW and MG, using a two-handed weapon or a staff, and DL when using raven. A gladiator when using a two-handed weapon can reach the maximum value of 40% increased damage.

In addition, we have fixed all know bugs with Ancient sets, including the missing titles and the possibility to get all the options without having a complete set. The total number of Ancient sets on our servers has already exceeded 60. A full description of all existing sets you can find here.

We have updated Rudolf, now it collects Zen only if your character is receiving experience, therefore it will no longer be possible to put your twink character on somebody else’s spot to collect his Zen. Rudolf has a certain obtaining speed, so it will not be able to collect all the Zen on one spot, but if you are in Party with other Rudolfs, Zen will be shared relatively equally. Also, it will still continue to collect Zen after reconnect.

There are now 6 Ghost Warriors roaming freely in Dungeon, with the respawn time of 10 seconds and fixed drop of 3kk Zen. In addition, we have significantly increase the amount of Zen in the rewards for the first 120 quests.

You can now turn Gold Autoparty in the clicker settings. While the mode is activated by the F6 clicker, your character will automatically accept characters of different classes and a level no higher than yours by more than 120. The old commands for creating AutoParty remain unchanged, but now are accompanied by system messages so you can see what AP you acre creating.

Players can now craft new pets: Hellion, Seraph and Elite Horse. They will be worthy substitutes for Demon, Spirit of Guardian and Shadowmere. In addition, Shadowmere itself received a visual overhaul. Characteristics and craft instructions are available here.

On the castle siege, when taking the switch, it will visually disappear from your screen while you hold it. For other players, the button is always visible. This should prevent various ways to keep the character in one place using the switch.

Fixed bugs: arrows can no longer lose Durability, teleportation of participants during football is now correct and does not affect other guild members. Fixed the problem with Personal Store disappearing after reconnect. In Devil Square, Queen Rainers were replaced by Alpha Crusts to improve performance. If to the Team Death Match arena you were teleported from BC, DS or CC, then at the end of TDM you will be teleported to the city.