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New Legend x100 server is now open!
New big guide MUX world features released.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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Guild Tribute system has been added to our extra high experience rate server Phobos x5000. Players can now choose between Grand Reset and Guild Tribute. GT allows to increase the strength of your guild and expand its influence on the server. The system involves a number of components - leveling speed, resets, buff strength, chances of earning bonuses and much more. Apart from that, each GT gives your character 50 GRP for spending in the Grand Reset Shop.

To perform a Guild Tribute, your character must be in a guild, have 215 resets and 400 level. After GT your level will be dropped to 1 and stats will be given as if you acquired 215 reset. The experience rates for your character after making a tribute will be x3, and all subsequent tributes will be performed at these rates. More information is available here.

In addition new reset gift feature has been implemented on server Phobos. When you make your first reset, as a gift you will receive up to 25 additional resets, depending on your character class.

Registration for the first Castle Siege on server Legend is now open. In order to register just leave the name of your guild in the comments. To participate you need at least 10 members in your guild. Maximum number of guild that can be registered is 3. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight!

The long-awaited craft system for items on the website has been launched on all our servers. With its help, you can create from 1 Excellent item of one class and type 1 new item with a higher grade than the initial materials

The source materials must have a certain minimum grinding, depending on their grade. The chance of a successful combination is 50%. In case of failure, you lose all the source materials, if for payment you use Zen. If, on payment, you use CashPoints, in case of failure you will lose only one random item.

More information about the craft system you can find here.

It is less than an hour left until players all around the world will be able to plunge into the amazing world of Arkania and conquer our new server Legend x100.

Server Legend got an updated Achievement System. All achievement requirements have been balanced, so there will be no more impossible tasks and it will be much easier and enjoyable for players to gain achievement points. Amount of bonuses for each subsequent achievement star has been increased to 10, 15 and 20 bonuses on all servers.

Additional 8 Happy Hours have been added on weekends: 03:00, 09:00, 15:00 and 21:00. In the beginning of July there will be a rework on all rankings rewards, there will be less bonuses, but more winning places to distribute game currency more evenly between players.

Dont forget to participate in our free bonuses giveaway and have fun conquering our gaming worlds!

Update: We've received a neat video from one of our players. First night on the server Legend x100, playing Dark Wizard and doing quests. By the way he's got a whole channel dedicated to gameplay on our servers.

The launch of our new server Legend x100 is very close! Participate in the bonuses giveaway on Facebook and become one of 10 lucky beggars to win 300 Bonuses! Winners will be determined randomly on the 28 of June. Bonuses will be transferred to your account on the website, and you will be able to transfer them to any server you play.

As you might have already noticed, we have a new Online Rankings on the website. Now every month 50 players who have spent the most time in the game will receive rewards (if 2 or more players have the same count of online hours, above will be that player, who killed more monsters). In addition, we have two new websites for you to vote and receive rewards. Voters Rankings now include votes from all available website, not only xtremetop.

Stay tuned for more updates, we have plenty to come before the opening.