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Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 16% fees.


Found items
Items Exc. Ring of Wind 46 Bon.
Boots Exc. Great Dragon Boots 35 Bon.
Pants Exc. Dragon Knight Pants 41 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Sphinx Gloves 70 Bon.
Boots Exc. Grand Soul Boots 29 Bon.
Bows Exc. Arrow Viper Bow +13 300 Bon.
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor 5 Bon.
Pants Exc. Sphinx Pants 23 Bon.
Helms Exc. Sphinx Mask 23 Bon.
Pants Exc. Dragon Knight Pants 116 Bon.
Boots Exc. Great Dragon Boots 58 Bon.
Helms Exc. Dark Phoenix Helm 49 Bon.
Armors Exc. Bone Armor 23 Bon.
Pants Exc. Storm Crow Pants 17 Bon.
Armors Exc. Dragon Armor 17 Bon.
Helms Exc. Adamantine Helm 17 Bon.
Armors Exc. Legendary Armor 17 Bon.
Armors Exc. Spirit Armor 12 Bon.
Helms Exc. Dragon Helm 23 Bon.
Pants Exc. Scale Pants 10 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Wind Gloves 8 Bon.
Pants Exc. Bronze Pants 12 Bon.
Shields Exc. Plate Shield 9 Bon.
Shields Exc. Dragon Shield 35 Bon.
Helms Exc. Scale Helm 6 Bon.
Boots Exc. Pad Boots 6 Bon.
Armors Exc. Leather Armor 6 Bon.
Shields Exc. Tower Shield 12 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Dragon Gloves 23 Bon.
Pants Exc. Light Plate Pants 12 Bon.
Boots Exc. Brass Boots 9 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Brass Gloves 8 Bon.
Helms Exc. Brass Helm 8 Bon.
Helms Exc. Spirit Helm 17 Bon.
Shields Exc. Large Round Shield 8 Bon.
Armors Exc. Light Plate Armor 12 Bon.
Armors Exc. Brass Armor 8 Bon.
Boots Exc. Scale Boots 8 Bon.
Boots Exc. Sphinx Boots 12 Bon.
Boots Exc. Divine Boots 23 Bon.
Pants Exc. Divine Pants 24 Bon.
Items Exc. Pendant of Ability +12 50 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Bless Bundle 35 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Soul Bundle 17 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Soul Bundle 17 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Soul Bundle 17 Bon.
Swords Exc. PvP Rune Blade +10 290 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Grand Soul Gloves 12 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Goldsmith Bundle 70 Bon.
Armors Exc. Red Spirit Armor 29 Bon.